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Crucial point of clairvoyant and inferior interpreter
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In recent years about translating reader problem of false and inferior quality, already appeared in the newspaper repeatedly on the press, before one, what exposure literature and science and technology translate quality problem is more. New Year beginning, " China reads books and newspaper " first " inferior interpreter is full of composition " marked caption, your person one shake. Shanghai Liu Gu grandson taught discovery recently, american Si Difen • of gold write newly " by writing " (On Writing) , in Zhuhai edition in in translation, the title becomes unexpectedly " touch horror " , a lot of translation also “ left chart ” completely, can't help sigh with regret: “ is translated even if betray! Sincere Si Yan. ” (carry " every phenomenon " always 44 period) saying inferior translator is “ betrays ” , listen to it seems that bit of character is weighed suddenly, fine think, this analogy still is to reach the designated position really. Mr Yang Jiang ever was analogy of interpreter figure ground “ one fall forward 2 advocate ” , namely lackey of translator assimilate to, origianl work and reader assimilate to two host, emphasize “ all comply with host, cannot act on one's own ” . So, once lackey flooey steps, cheated host, this is not what is betraying.
The wind that in last few years interpret altar “ betrays ” fails keep within limits, some domains accentuate somewhat even, investigate its reason perhaps can be placed a lot of, but, will tell to regarding the interpreter's main body as translator, appear the crucial point of inferior interpreter, basically depend on some people negligence and even disregard interpreter profession morality. Center expression to be in currently:

Borrowed, the phenomenon of piracy, tort is banned repeatedly more than.

Because a foreign language can have a variety of stating, he can copy your meaning and do not copy your character completely, make the interpreter's tort is had bigger concealment quality. Lift a few newest only. Carry according to the newspaper, yang Shanlu teachs Anhui university to discovered recently, the American famous book of the 500 thousand word of own interpret " white whale " , be signed unexpectedly after the person of ” of “ Luo Bu borroweds, publish in Harbin press (latter has admitted) . Press of Inner Mongolia distance is published, of Zhang Chao interpret " brief love " , via checking solid, the department is copied oneself Huang Yuan of interpret forest press' deep translation, via Nanjing first instance of intermediate people court adjudicated distance company tort holds water last year, instruct Xiang Yuan to accuse apologetic reparations. Still appear nowadays a kind of more barpque “ borroweds ” : An interpret makes only publication authority already gave some company, another company stalks of grain to get this interpret again, be in after paying author's remuneration to obtain authorization to this translator, look for a person to make former interpret alter a little a few words, boast ” of “ new translation comes out, still copy actually from former translation, what what differ is translator took the “ ego of author's remuneration to borrowed again only ” , this although with borrowed other people is different, but it is beguiling reader likewise.
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