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News career is commonly used the analysis of the interpret in English term
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One. Introductive:

News career basically is to point to the business that pursues news transmitting worker, include press of newspaper, magazine, broadcast, TV, news agency, books to wait (Zheng Zhenming, civilian 83) , these agency are the main pipeline that social masses gains new information, new knowledge normally. Pass through all sorts of agency type and content, the function of news career besides news of news event, explanation, still include to communicate an opinion, form public opinion, broadcast advertisement and provide entertainment (Li Mao politics, civilian 80) , also affect the masses to be opposite at the same time meet with the idea of the thing and footing, provide the function that guides social topic for discussion and public public opinion greatly, the tide when be being changed then even, its importance not Yan Keyu.

And the news theory with current Taiwan, idea, solid Wu, and even at news career manage, run, the level such as management still suffers western journalism the influence is very profound, bring about term of career of domestic much news must the Chinese vocabulary that English of continue to use translates. However social masses and even general journalist may not be clear about these ab extra vocabularies is why the basis is planted after all principle interpreter, future is encountered if where manage is properer,answer again, because this article purpose is the term in the flower interpret that passes through at public media environment currently in postmortem namely, by commonly used vocabulary interpreter method takes the example that choose interpret, try to analyse the Baconian, course that discusses place of its translated term to involve and idea, the principle that with career of news of period li clear home place of term of commonly used Ying Yizhong follows.

2. Analytic method:

Analysing the move that have is the book that extensive collect and news learn to reach news career to concern, periodical above all, with of all kinds and relevant reference book and dictionary. Will carry in these material then Sino-British the professional term translated term to interpret is chosen, limits includes news theory, news to interview, writing, editor, mass media is managed, run wait for a domain. Chosen principle is the Chinese vocabulary that uses to afore-mentioned field place with average person to hear from time to tome, do not know its textual vocabulary to be main discussion target certainly however, in all collect has interpret routine more than 100, the article discusses to have representative translated term or name relatively among them only.

Analysing pattern is depend on the interpret exemple that single out Chen Dingan (civilian 81) place prompt collects the interpreter's commonly used skill, i.e. is transliterated (Transliteration) , free translation (Paraphrase) , phonic meaning holds interpret, metaphrase concurrently (Word-for-word Translation) , word of word of form interpret, head (Acronym) , abbreviate word (Abbreviation) law of 7 kinds of interpret will classify. The article is when the criterion that illustrate occupies when these lexical interpreters, also try to evaluate the case that the interpreter effect of these vocabularies and Taiwan society accept.
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