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Lin Shu interpret makes: Write down big temple of heart of Hui Simin department
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(anthology from " clap hands collection " , modern translation name is " Geoffrey the information notes of · Mr Ke Leiang " )
[Beautiful] Washington · Ervine is written
Lin Shu written translation
Wei Yi is nuncupative

One day is Xiao Chen, 100 grass all noes, when autumn person few is joyous, yu Zaihui Si Min manages heart temple stroll about or have a rest can count a bell. The condition when a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of this barren cold few, beneficial the autumn with shade Shen Yuyu, but two beauty add up to the cloud! Beyond the door that join a temple, already was like the Yu Guxi that ask a body, with words of subterranean ghost male money. Corridor of the row inside the door comes long wide, upper cover ancient tile, ghastly if walk on a hole in the ground; Over Xiu Yong, the antrum that make a circle opens light leak. It is medium faint see one monk, clothes black clothes, creep is like evil spirit. It is medium that more than person is entered already, be seen definitely surely all Li Li's shape, also do not have fear namely. Wall year long, berry liver mosses is mottled, clay also is cut gradually fall; Edition of the tablet on the wall, faint also all is sealed for place of liver mosses grain; And engraved content, wine vessel arris gradually defeat, but faintness takes its form just. Yellow Ribude, all around still shade quiet is moving, gao Yong is repaired straight, look up at azure, straight weather of kind of outlook of the bottom of a well; And this temple tower needle is straight go up, express in the cloud partly.
Over useless hall of travel of more than abide, yao thinks the management that day, so far already see everywhere of hazel overgrown with weeds. More the tablet that read incomplete, half heel at the ground, or make stone of build by laying bricks or stones namely, walk on slash place classics, calligraphy and painting all overflows Huan to cannot be read. Still have one tablet, row 3 gigantic official name, as if but differentiate, its achievement is long already ground smooth, without can search. 3 fair person, all this temple is chaired, for the person when 912 centuries. Yu Chi stands long cannot language, take tablet to death with humanness, namely tablet also is not worth deep depend on; Knowable person is about to seek fame, be about to make a person after one's death think of sb with respect, difficult depend on of its thing grow also, if more several years person, will and do not have! Battalion is sought that day, print Shi Li resembles, call but immortal, do not know Shi Yi to from time to time is overflowed destroy also!
In wandering, temple bell already was moved, echo is like hold column in the arms and clang, in grave of more than clump establishing a body, be like this ding to instruct person, time passes hurriedly again now! In Yu Zaisheng billow, shake shake be like urge me to enter all graving for this, lamentable also!
Soon stroll enters An Dianzhong, enter already, and gallant odd form, shake making a person is broken more second; Dish Hua Dazhu Linlinke hundreds individual plant, sunk panel is straight go up, gao Li disappears its extremely. If more than consider oneself is in under hall plinth, wriggling is like bug insect without feet continuously. With this Dian Zhigao and wide, lonesome and unmanned, carry out heart-throb, sufficient not dare before. Each peep sufficient, and between Yu Bi of echo always hair, become aware every act all gives birth to strange noise. Yu Su like that, the person that be in by me, all take the place of first the bone of virtuous sagacious hero, have to add Jing Gong. The person that can't help laughing like that, result laugh those builds the universe, character becomes classical person, as to now, criterion incomplete bone counts a star, hand in with sandy soil miscellaneous, get together this indifferently unmanned area, outside this why do its love Ye again! Before one's death raise one's hand can cover have state power; When as to the bell leakage rests, desire with before merit contend for this soil, still have grudge not the person that answer photograph lets, can sorrow again! The name of husband all ages, everybody place Xin, and inscription Lei Chen Chen, the person that watch answer a few people? Shen this stone suffers from Huan, answer be not worth Ye of deep depend on!
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