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Yang Jiang talks " Tangjihede "
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93 years old of senile Mr Yang Jiang gentlemen were being published " our three " hind, still live a secluded life, see a book write in the abode of sanded channel of 3 lis of Henan everyday. Just be in dusk time, just by the baby-sitter for company of generation of a granddaughter, take a walk to the outside. This year is " Tangjihede " come out 400 years, in the meantime, include " Tangjihede " in translation inside " Yang Jiang collected works " also be about to publish by people literature press, in April the last ten-day of a month meets with wide readership. I edit as responsibility, there are favour and Mr Yang Jiang to be contacted somewhat in the job. Well-known, gentleman of book of money a surname and Mr Yang Jiang are consistent humanness is low-key, not job make public. " Yang Jiang collected works " was about to publish, we hope to she can attend this book news briefing or accept a reporter to interview, but she says calmingly: “ was not necessary, I am a water, not be soap foam, those who do not blow bubble. ” however, put forward to want to visit when me, ask her to talk " Tangjihede " when, she did not refuse however.

" Tangjihede " why to make the world optimal

May 2002, in choosing an activity when hold in the orgnaization such as Nobel literature courtyard, " Tangjihede " the choose of 100 master home of 54 nations of world be cominged from and area is the most outstanding dummy work on human history. " Tangjihede " why to make the world optimal, have so tremendous charm? Someone says, because it posed the difficult problem that cannot solve forever in a life,be: The contradiction between ideal and reality; Someone says, because it gives a person to be experienced with what differ forever,be, give a person with new edificatory. Mr Dan Yangjiang has his original opinion to this.

Mr Yang Jiang says, tangjihede's nature is very complex, the reader of different times, different country has each not identical understanding to him. " Tangjihede " when just was being published, people regards it only the funny story of a rich laugh, the popular books that a butcher peddles. It is taken seriously the earliest is the England in 17 centuries, fieding emphasized British fictionist the openly character of a Jihede, he points out, although this character is funny, but make the person sympathizes with and be respected again at the same time; Arrived 18 centuries, the French changes one's costume or dress this Spain knight into a justifiable sex, virtuous France gent. Arrived 19 centuries, below the influence of romanticism, tangjihede becomes a Thespian part again, already funny lamentable.

Great Master of a few literature is right " Tangjihede " the opinion is endless also and same. Heart of scold of auspicious of hall of Baron sigh with regret became laughing stock; French Xiaduobuli holds the sadness that those who see is Tangjihede high; German Xileigeer calls drive of heart of hall auspicious scold the absurd ” with Thespian “ or “ are Thespian foolish gas ” ; And Hai Nie is right Tangjihede mental criterion “ is sad weep ” and “ astonish dump ” .
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